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How to Choose a Hand Dryer

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Whilst the world experiences the global COVID-19 pandemic, it is good to see improved hygiene standards being implemented in public buildings, and that hand dryers are contributing to fulfilling these standards in an efficient and sustainable manner.

If you’re planning or outfitting a high volume restroom, you’ll know that using the right equipment can improve the flow, usability and safety of that facility. The real challenge can be in finding the right products that can keep up with high traffic. These are the features to look out for when selecting your electric hand dryer for busy restrooms.

Drying speed

In high traffic restrooms, it’s essential to cut down the time people take to wash and dry their hands so doorways and walkways aren’t blocked, which is why it’s a good idea to choose a high-speed hand dryer model over conventional hand dryers. Look for hand dryers that will dry hands in 10-15 seconds so people can get in and out of the restroom area quickly and clear the way for others.


The durability and toughness of the hand dryers are identified by the material applied to produce the product. A good hand dryer motor is the key. The high-quality motor not only has stronger wind output, better hand-drying effect, but also has a longer service life and lower sound during operation. After you examine the durability of hand dryer, make sure to look at the warranty as well. This is usually a good indicator as to the quality and durability of the product.
Power consumption

“Green” has become the priority when manufacturers design new products. Compared to conventional dryers, high speed hand dryer dries hands by blowing water away with its powerful air speed. Most of the high speed hand dryer can turn the heating element off to further decrease the power consumption. Using fewer watts to dry users’ hands makes them more environmentally friendly and less costly, meaning savings for you and the environment.

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