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New Dual Jet Hand Dryer

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HOTEC is proud to announce an important re-styling of its successful Dualflow 11.113, which made of overall AISI 304 stainless steel satin finish, including inner structures & install screws to protect motor and PCB.

Option to set automatic heating of air according to the surrounding temperature. Under the intelligent heating mode, it will come out with heated air flow when ambient temperature is below 25℃. Otherwise normal air flow 20℃- 40℃ is the most comfortable air temperature which has been tested - will not hurt child's hands.

IP34 protection, washable with water. Disinfect with disinfectant, ultraviolet rays and hot water. Sealing material CR4305 to avoid water get into the inner machine.

Anti-Fingerprints paint. The surface always keep bright and clean after a long time. 

To protect against overlong use of the device(randomly switched on by a fallen object, children playing, dirty trigger sensors etc.) A built in timer turns off the unit after 25 seconds. To resume normal operation, remove hands or objects from the drying chamber of the hand dryer.Insert hands again into the drying chamber and the device will start automatically.

Adopting a complete closed structure to protect brushless motor and stainless steel rotor, last up to 10 years. Also 3 years warantty is supported.

Hygienic way to dry hands, touchless operation. Saves energy costs, quickest way to dry hands. No need for the use of paper towels, reduction in costs, no need to empty waste bins.

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