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New Dual Jet Hand Dryer with UVC Lamp and Antibacterial Filter

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Hotec has launched new dual jet hand dryer with integrated UV-C lamp and inbuilt antibacterial filter, Model 11.107.

Eco-jet features: fast drying speed and energy efficient by low consumptions and through electronic instant detection of hands placed inside the dryer.

Stylish design and compact dimensions.

Top hygiene level by features: standard equipment of integrated UV-C lamp (for the sanitation of the inner part) and inbuilt antibacterial filter (for the sanitation of the air flow). The simultaneous use of lamp and filter guarantees an absolute level of hygiene, revolutionizing the partial solutions of traditional dryers.


Available in white ABS with blue LEDs in the hands insertion point.

With the advantages of hygiene, drying time, energy saving and design, this model 11.107 is giving the best performance on the market. 

Whenever you need a fast as well as stylish hand dryer, please refer to http://www.cnhotec.com/dual-jet-hand-dryers-11-107.html



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