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Dual Jet Sensor-Operated Hand Dryer

Ultra-fast hand dryer, with Overall stainless steel food grade AISI 304, satin finish
  • 11.115
  • HOTEC or OEM

Product Description

·Overall stainless steel food grade 304, including inner structures & install screws.  

·High speed self-developed brushless motor.    

·No openings or cracks on the surface, easy to clean dirt, no chance for bacteria survive.    

·No fear of fire, burning cigarette butts. Scratch can be repaired.    

·Sealing material CR4305.    

·With plasma. Disinfect the hand dryer and the surrounding areasimultaneously. 

·HEPA filter which avoids the entry of the 99.9% particles.    

·Internal tank to collect the water and avoid a mess.    

·Designed for high traffic bathroom and continuous use.    

·Easy maintenance.     

·Warranty: 3 years.    


Material: Overall AISI 304 stainless steel, satin finish
Cover thickness:1.2 mm
Dimension: 660 x 290x 180mm

Total power:1800W
Motor Power:800W with brushless motor
Heating element power:1000W
Air Velocity:100m/s
Safety device:overheating, over-current, short-circuit protection
Noice level:68dB
Protection   level:IP34
Air Temperature:20-40
Drying time:5-10s


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