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Paper Towel Dispenser with C/Z Folds

Wall-mounted manual paper towel dispenser, made of stainless steel, satin finish
  • 14.102
  • HOTEC or OEM

Product Description

·Surface mounted paper towel dispenser.     

·Manual dispensing.    

·Front loading.    

·Frontal inspection slot to indicate refill level.    

·Security lock with key included.    

·Suitable for high traffic facilities.    

·Suitable for public use with high strength and durability.    

·AISI 304 stainless steel, 0.8 mm thickness.    

·Fully welded body, 0.8 mm thick with burr-free edges.     

·Security lock with standard key.    

·Frontal window indicates refill time.    

·One-piece seamless lid, 0.8 mm thick, fixed to the body by means of 2 rivets that allows swinging down of lid for replenishment. 

·It is mounted on the wall by means of 4 screws with their corresponding Ø6mm wall plugs. The support of the screws in the back of the appliance, are acting as an anti-moisture support, as well as an easy adjustment to the wall.    

·The towel tray opening has bound edges to minimize tearing of paper towels.    


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