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600 mm Vertical Swing Up Grab Bar

Safety vertical swing grab bar with a built-in toilet paper holder, made of steel, white epoxy finish
  • 15.121.W

Product Description

·Made of steel, white epoxy finish.  Length: 600 mm.     

·Vertical swing-up grab bar with roll holder hock to place next to the wash basins and toilet.    

·Highest durability and rusting resistance.    

·Ø32 mm tube grab. Steel thickness: 1,2 mm.    

·Recommended installation height: 70-75 cm from floor.    

·Stainless steel screws and volts for masonry walls.    

·Incorporates 4 screws holes for wall mounting.    

·With brake and paper holder.    

·Recommended for use in bathrooms, WC and showers.    

·Suitable for bathrooms adapted to disabled.     


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