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130° Angled Bar

Ref: 15.111.W

Straight grab bar from HOTEC, steel with white epoxy finish, 1.2mm thick, durability and safety, gives support and balance to those with limited mobility or who have trouble standing up.Suitable for use in bathrooms, WC and showers.  Providing the security and safety environment all the times.

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Specification of 130° Angled Bar

materrialwhite epoxy
Bar tubeØ32 mm
Bar tube thickness1.2mm
Length300 x 300mm
Mounting flange thickness1.2mm

Features of 130° Angled Bar

  • Grab bar, 130° angle, with snap flange cover.                   

  • Length: 300 mm,  1.2mm steel thickness, Ø32 mm tube grab.

  • Two fixing points.  Snap flange cover for hidden mounting.                                                                        

  • Suitable for public use, like accesible toilets, wc, showers and baths.                                                         

  • Easy to mount, package includes 3 screws holes and stainless steel nuts and bolts for masonry walls.

  • Distance from bar to wall: 70 mm.

  • Recommended installation height: 70-75 cm from floor.

  • Other models available: 225x225 mm.

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