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Tips on How to Use a Hand Dryer

Posted on Mar 25 , 2021 by HOTEC
Tips on How to Use a Hand Dryer

Hand dryers are present in many public restrooms, but no one really discusses how to effectively operate them. While most people are aware that regular hand washing is a central part of good hygiene, effectively drying you r hands is also key to staying healthy and reducing the spread of germs. Here are the brief instructions on how to operate them in a hygienic manner.

Make sure you thoroughly wash your hands before using the dryer. Although drying your hands is important to reduce the spread of germs, washing your hands thoroughly is even more essential to good hygiene.

Get rid of excess moisture from your hands. This can be accomplished by gently shaking your hands into the sink after you have finished washing them. The more moisture you remove, the faster it will be to use the dryer.

Follow the instructions on the unit. Most hand dryers feature diagrams and instructions showing users how to operate the unit most effectively and hygienically.

Place your hands under the unit. Many hand dryers available today automatically turn on when you place your hands underneath. This makes the dryer more hygienic to use because you do not have to push a button that countless people have also touched.

Open your palms towards the jet of air and let the air push the water off the tips. Angle your palm slightly downward to encourage the water to roll off your hands.

Do not rub your hands together while holding them under the dryer. Although it might feel like rubbing your hands together speeds up the process, this can actually increase the spread of bacteria.

Wait until your hands are fully dry. Keep your hands under the dryer until they are completely dry since wet hands increase the spreads of germs.

Avoid sticking your hands inside the dryer or touching the rim of it.

Walk away when you are done. Most hand dryers in use today shut off automatically when you withdraw your hands, some also shut off after a specific amount of time.