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Basin Mounted Sensor Faucet are the best choice when hygiene, health and staying away from germs are required in washrooms.

HOTEC Basin Mounted Sensor Faucet is also called wash basin sensor tap and it leads in sanitation, efficiency. The operation of the automatic wash basin sensor tap triggered by infrared sensors and varies in different kinds of types to fit different occasions, espcecially high traffic places like railway station, airport, subway, hotel, hospital etc. Touchless, keep people's health and clean during pandemic.

Advantages of Basin Mounted Sensor Faucet

  • 01

    Comes with all necessary devices for installation. All the parts for installing are included. No need to buy extra items.

  • 02

    Comes with diverse types to choose. Made of brass or AISI 304 stainless steel, multi-layer chrome finish, creating smooth feeling, stunning looking, rust-proof and durable, drip-free, smooth-feel, resists scratches, corrosion and tarnishing.

  • 03

    Can be used at home, in hospital, hotel and any public places.

  • 04

    After washing your hands, no need to touch any handle to turn off. Super convenient and clean.

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