Hangzhou Hotec Cleaning Technology Co., Ltd.
Hangzhou Hotec Cleaning Technology Co., Ltd.

HOTEC is one of leaders in sanitation, efficiency. For public hygiene and various demand and preference, we have designed pedal waste bin. The pedal waste bin vares in shape, capacity, finish and function, available for all occasions, especially high traffic places like railway station, airport, subway, hotel, hospital etc.

Advantages of Pedal Bins

  • 01
    Functional and Versatile

    We have multiple capacity and style and shape pedal bins for you choosing that fit every place, such as your home; home office, bedrooms, craft rooms, and any other room that requires a waste can, Also great for dorm rooms, apartments.

  • 02
    Quality Construction

    Made of stainless steel with satin, bright or white finish, durability and reliability.

  • 03
    Easy Care

    Due to the interior material, it is easy to clean out to prevent bacteria generating.

  • 04
    Odour prevention

    Pedal openning, and with odour-preventing lid, It can stop the emittion of smell.

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