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HOTEC has been focusing on hygiene for years, and always listen to customers voice to innovate our products, providing a neat and safe environment for people with limited mobility, balance issues or difficulty standing for long periods of time. HOTEC metal grab bar provides hardier leverage to support in the bathroom and other indoor locations. The grab bar reduces the risk of slips and falls.

What to Consider Before Buying Grab Bars?

Before you order Grab Bars, we think it's important to consider everything you're looking for.
What to Consider Before Buying Grab Bars?

Are you considering to offer yourself or other people a more safety environment to avoid unexpectable hurt?

Do you want to change an old bins to a newer one?

Are you looking for high-quality?

Do you want a more safe environment?

Are you simply looking to save costs?

If you'd prefer, call us at +86-571-88868570 and let us walk you through a variety of choices. Otherwise, keep reading our in-depth FAQS for further assistance in your final decision.

Hot Questions of Grab Bars

  • Do grab bars rust?

    Stainless steel material is rust resistant, but not impervious to rusting. In most applications, stainless steel grab bars will not rust or stain even after many years of service. However, if not properly cared for, stainless steel grab bars may slightly rust or stain over time, even though.

  • How do you prevent grab bars from rusting?

    · If you want to prevent rust from forming on grab bars, be sure to prevent your grab bars from coming in contact with any of the following elements:

    · Concentrated chlorin.

    · Corrosive elements, No bleach.

    · Water with high iron content or iron materials.

    · Grab bars require regular maintenance to keep the stainless steel clean and free of contaminants.

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