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Hangzhou Hotec Cleaning Technology Co., Ltd.

HOTEC manual dispenser is leading in sanitation, and the products comply with high standard and pursue high quality. They are made out of durable material and comes in different kinds of shades, components, colors, materials and dimensions to meet different people's needs.

Types of Manual Dispensers

Advantages of Hotec Manual Dispensers

  • 01

    They are made of durable and corrosion-resistant material, such as AISI 304,ABS. The body is thick enough to use for a long time. And their content is easy to see.

  • 02

    The manual dispenser comes with large capacity container, and in sorts of volume for custumers to choose. No need replace/add soap frequently.

  • 03
    Simple and Convenience

    All are simple-easy to install, use, check soap levels, and refill. Also has a tamper/vandal resistant lock.

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