Hangzhou Hotec Cleaning Technology Co., Ltd.
Hangzhou Hotec Cleaning Technology Co., Ltd.

HOTEC Hot Water Faucet, made out of a wearable, corrosion-resistant and heat-resistant brass, great in durability and reliability. These quality Hot Water Faucet fit almost any washroom and facility, coming out hot water quickly to cleaning hands, body, hair and so on that gives you pleasing and enjoyment especially in cold weather.

Advantages of Hot Water Faucet

  • 01

    Products are heat-resistant, corrison-resistant material, great in durability and reliability, coming out hot water quickly. Styled with handle to switch hot to cold.

  • 02

    All the the parts for installing are included. Comes with all necessary items for installation. No need to buy extra items.

  • 03

    Suitable for using at home, in hospital, hotel and any public places.

  • 04

    Infrared sensor, After washing your hands, not neccesary to touch handle to turn off. Super convenient and clean.

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