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HOTEC Toilet Paper Dispenser, wall-mounted, is Robust and vandal-proof and has Frontal inspection slot to indicate refill level. 304 stainless steel and ABS Plastic, super durable and long lasting. We have designed several styles of paper toilet dispenser, and these toilet tissue dispensers vary in shape, material, dimension and finish, including toilet paper roll dispenser, tissue paper dispenser for washroom, etc.. The paper toilet dispenser is affordable for your hotels, motels or industries that will give your place an attractive appearance.

Advantages of Toilet Paper Dispensers

  • 01

    It is built to long-lasting use with a durable strength and has a special lock and key that makes it more convenient to use.

  • 02
    Easy Installation

    Easy to use and install with screws and their corresponding wall plugs, providing a healthy and eco-friendly environment.

  • 03
    Modern Design

    The product has a smooth and clean surface that will make your restrooms look more precise.

  • 04
    Multiple Applicance

    Perfect for commercial and non-commercial places, offering convenience and a fresher and more hyginene environment.

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