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Hangzhou Hotec Cleaning Technology Co., Ltd.

For more convenient and to fit people's preference, HOTEC have produced many size of waste bins to fit many places and demand. They include 12 litre bin and 5 litre bin, and vary in shape, capacity, finish and function, available for all occasions, especially high traffic places like railway station, airport, subway, hotel, hospital etc. And Small bins with its compact design can fit in small spaces that keeps everywhere in order.

Advantages of Small Bin

  • 01
    Compact Design

    A trash bin with a modern design that looks great and easily fits into narrow openings and odd spaces. The perfect size for under counters, under sinks, and other small spaces, next to the vanity or other small spaces.

  • 02

    Constructed with stainless steel. Stays rust-free and is made to last for many years to come.

  • 03
    Odour Prevention

    Pedal openning, and with odour-preventing lid, it can stop the emittion of smell.

  • 04
    Easy to Clean

    Interior receptacle with metal handle, easy to clean from inside and outside.

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