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HOTEC Public Hair Dryers, wall-mounted, is constructed with steel, satin finish. Strong, vandal proof and build without edges. Super durable, corrison-resistant for long-term use. Smooth and clean surface, 360° revolving nozzle in chrome-plated zamak and easy to maintenance. And they are one-piece cover and have high speed brush motor, so that they can dry hair fast and safely.

Advantages of Public Hair Dryers

  • 01
    Safety and Effective

    It is highest electrical safety, comes with universal brush motor incorporating a safety thermal cut-off, preventing you from electrical damage. Dry your hair fast and not hurting your scalp at the same time.

  • 02
    Easy Installation

    This dryer's wall mount holds it securely in place and is easy to mount on most surfaces, the package include mount hardware.

  • 03
    Modern Design

    This products are classic and modern, suitable for most indoor spaces.

  • 04
    Multiple Applicance

    Perfect for commercial and high traffic locations, providing convenience for people.

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