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Hangzhou Hotec Cleaning Technology Co., Ltd.

HOTEC Cold Water Faucet, also called single cold filtered water tap, made from a wearable, anticaustic brass chrome finish, with standing long-term use. This quality single cold water tap fits almost any washroom for all occasions, coming out cold water smoothly and creating non-splashing flow that offers you reflaxion and enjoyment.

Advantages of Hotec Cold Water Faucet

  • 01

    Just like medical taps, these products are heat-resistant, anticaustic material, can be used for long-term. It comes out cold water smoothly. Styled with handle to switch from cold to hot.

  • 02

    All the the relevant mountings are included in pack for installation. No need to purchase extra items.

  • 03

    Can be installed at home, in hospital, hotel, railway station, airport, subway and any public places.

  • 04

    Infrarer sensor system, can be turned off without touching the handle after washing your hands. Super convenient and clean.

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