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Applications of Hotec Washroom Equipment
  • 01


    Airports should be clean and comfortable in order to give passengers a relaxing and reassuring travelling experience.

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  • 02


    Restaurants that are hygienic make known that the kitchens are clean too and all the diners can enjoy themselves at ease.

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  • 03


    Clean and refreshing gyms could re-energize and inspire every member to keep fit phiscally and mentally.

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  • 04


    Hotel guests deserve the best experience with the most welcoming, relaxing and comfortable environment.

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  • 05


    Offices should be tidy and clean to enhance the working environment for every staff's well-being.

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  • 06


    Aircare & hygiene in educational facilities are very important to enhance learning and teaching potential at schools.

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  • 07


    Hygiene levels in hospitals should always have top marks to make sure the well-being of every patient and staff member.

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  • 08

    Food Factory

    Excellent food processing enterprises should always maintain a hygienic environment in the production workshop, which is also particularly important for clean washrooms.

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  • 09

    Elderly Care

    To creat a safer and more convenient bathrooms for the elderly is caring, supportful that all seniors remain independent, active and safe at home.

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