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Hangzhou Hotec Cleaning Technology Co., Ltd.

This is the original, classic version of recessed soap dispenser. Facilities around the world use these HOTEC recessed soap dispenser to keep clean and health. The gorgeous looking and beautiful Decor of our recessed soap dispenser is suitable for washroom in public and home.

Advantages of Hotec Recessed Soap Dispenser

  • 01

    Stylish classic gorgeous silver-white looking, functional and aesthetically pleasing.

  • 02

    Made of High-Quality brass for the pump and PE for the bottle, Heavy Duty and Durable.

  • 03
    Different Volume

    Offering two volume, which is 350ml and 1000ml to meet people's different needs.

  • 04
    No-leaking Pump

    Our mounting enables you to put out a good amount of soap, which is 1ml, with a single pump.

  • 05
    Public Use

    With vandal-resistant polyethylene tank, it is perfect for public. Of course, can also be used in home.

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