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HOTEC Hotel Hair Dryers wall-mounted is equipped with ABS Plastic. Super durable & anticlastic for long-term use. As one of hotel hair dryers suppliers, we have designed several looks for our hotel hair dryers for sale, including a telephone-like look, a gun-like look, and one that has a foldable handle for convenient storage. Despite the small size, our hospitality hair dryers used in hair dryer hotel bathroom have the highest electrical safety.

Hotel Hair Dryer Wall Mounted Advantages

  • 01
    Safety and Effective

    HOTEC hotel hair dryer is designed with the highest electrical safety and comes with an automatic over-heating protection system, thus preventing users from electrical damage. Hotel blow dryer can dry users' hair fast and not hurt the scalp at the same time.

  • 02
    Easy Installation

    With hardware included in the package, the hotel hair dryer wall-mounted series can secure itself in place and is easy to mount on most surfaces.

  • 03
    Modern Design

    HOTEC, as one of leading hotel hair dryers suppliers in China, provides hotel hair dryers that are designed in both classic and modern ways, which is suitable for most hotel styles.

Hotel Hair Dryer Wall Mounted Features

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    Power Rating:

    The power rating of hotel hair dryers is usually around 1200-1600 watts. This is enough to dry hair quickly and efficiently without causing damage to the hair.

  • 02
    Heat and Speed Settings:

    Most hotel hair dryers in hair dryer hotel bathroom have multiple heat and speed settings, allowing guests to choose the best combination for their hair type and desired style.

  • 03
    Cool Shot Button:

    A cool shot button is a common feature on hotel hair dryers. This button releases a blast of cool air to set the hair in place and reduce frizz.

  • 04
    Removable Filter:

    A removable filter is a useful feature that makes it easy to clean the hair dryer and maintain its performance over time.

  • 05
    Safety Features:

    Hotel hair dryers provided by professional hotel hair dryers suppliers typically have safety features such as automatic shut-off if the dryer overheats or is left on for too long.

  • 06
    Ergonomic Design:

    With our hair dryers having a comfortable grip and well-designed handle, our hair dryers wholesale makes it easy for guests to use the hair dryer without straining their hands or wrists.

  • 07
    Attachment Options:

    Many hotel hair dryers come with various attachments such as concentrator nozzles, diffusers, and comb attachments. These attachments can be used to achieve different styles and to cater to different hair types.

  • 08
    Wall Mounting Bracket:

    Hotel hair dryers are typically wall-mounted, so they come with a mounting bracket for easy installation.

Commercial Hair Dryer Wall Mount

Commercial Hair Dryer Wall Mount

A commercial hair dryer with a wall mount is a smart investment for businesses in the hospitality industry. These hair dryers offer durability and convenience, allowing easy access for customers while maximizing space efficiency. With their robust airflow and adjustable heat settings, they provide fast and efficient drying for all hair types. The wall mount design ensures secure placement and prevents theft or damage. Additionally, many commercial hair dryers come with features like built-in timers, energy-saving options, and noise-reduction technology for a pleasant experience. Choose a commercial hair dryer with a wall mount for a professional and reliable solution in your establishment.

Hotel Hair Dryer FAQs

  • Why choose Hotec wall hanging hair dryer?

    Hotec wall-hanging hair dryer is an excellent choice due to its convenience and space-saving design. Its wall-mounted feature allows easy access and keeps countertops clutter-free. With adjustable heat and speed settings, it caters to various hair types. The ergonomic handle ensures comfortable use, while the powerful airflow ensures quick drying. Choose a Hotec hotel hair dryer supplier for a practical and efficient hair drying experience and a competitive wall-mounted hair dryer price.

  • Are hotel hair dryers safe to use?

    Hotel hair dryers are designed with safety features to ensure their proper and safe operation. However, it is important to follow the provided instructions and use the hotel blow dryer as intended to avoid any accidents or mishaps.

  • Can I use hotel hair dryers on different hair types?

    Yes, hotel hair dryers can be used on various hair types. However, keep in mind that different hair types may require different heat and speed settings to achieve the desired results, such as a hotel hair dryer wall mounted. It's always recommended to use heat-protectant products and adjust the hair dryer settings accordingly to prevent excessive heat damage.

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