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HOTEC has been contributing to high quality, efficiency, health, and cleanliness for years, providing a neat environment, especially during COVID-19. We have different types of soap dispensers and they vary in style, color, function, material, dimension, and component that meet people's needs. Public toilet bathroom foam soap dispenser is made of high-quality, durable, tenacious materials, available for plenty of occasions, like hotels, hospitals, airports, subway stations, schools, etc.

Types of Washroom Soap dispensers by Feature

What to Consider Before Ordering Soap Dispenser?

Before you order the soap dispenser, we think it's important to consider everything you're looking f
What to Consider Before Ordering Soap Dispenser?

-Which volume and material do you need?

-Which one is suited for your place, the manual soap dispenser or the automatic type?

-Do you know the right way to install it? did wall mount or on the desk?

-Which pump is suitable for you? liquid, foam, or spray?

-Are you trying to keep neat and stay healthy, especially during COVID-19?

-Do you want to replace an old soap dispenser with a newer model?

-Are you looking for a well-designed model to fit your renovated or updated washroom?

-Do you want more hands-free options for a more hygienic environment?

-Are you simply looking to save costs?

If you'd prefer, call us at +86-571-88868570 and let us walk you through a variety of choices. Otherwise, keep reading our in-depth FAQS for further assistance in your final decision.

How Do Foaming Soap Dispensers Work

How Do Foaming Soap Dispensers Work

The soap dispenser is mainly used in star rated hotels, restaurants, hotels, public places, hospitals, airports, homes, pharmaceuticals, food, chemicals, electronics, high-end office buildings, large shopping malls, large entertainment places, large banquet halls, hot spring resorts, kindergartens, schools, banks, airport waiting halls, families, etc. it is an ideal choice for you to pursue noble and elegant life.

In terms of function, the soap dispenser such as recessed soap dispenser can be divided into two functions: locked and unlocked. It is more appropriate to choose the soap dispenser without lock in hotel rooms. The hotel bathroom can be locked to prevent the waste of soap.

Size of soap dispenser. The size of the soap dispenser determines the amount of soap that can be put. This can be selected according to the actual needs of the hotel.

Hot Questions of Soap Dispenser

  • Can bacteria grow in liquid soap?

    Bacteria can grow anywhere, including soap, so the key is to keep bacteria from getting into the soap and growing in the soap. Most products have preservatives that prevent microbe growing. It's also a good idea to wash your hands before refilling soap dispensers to decrease the risk of contamination.

  • Can you put hand sanitizer in a soap dispenser?

    Absolutely, there's nothing about hand sanitizer that makes it unfit for a soap dispenser. Make sure you indicate that it is indeed a hand sanitizer dispenser and not a soap dispenser to avoid confusion.

  • Are soap dispensers dirty?

    Yes and No, germs are in the air, and usually our hands contact with soap dispensers when they are dirty. So the germs that are on our hands often get transmitted to the soap dispenser when we touch it. Usually this isn't a big deal, because a dollop of soap is dispensed into our hands right after touching the dispenser, but not everyone follows proper hand washing procedures. If the dispenser is not adequately cleaned and sanitized often enough, a biofilm can form, which is a breeding ground for microbials that requires a particularly thorough cleaning to remove.

  • How does the automatic soap dispenser work?

    The user places their hand under the dispenser's sensor or infrared beam. The sensor detects the presence of the user's hand and sends a signal to the soap dispenser's motor. The motor activates, and a pump or valve inside the dispenser releases a set amount of soap. The soap is dispensed onto the user's hand, and the motor turns off. If the user requires more soap, they can repeat the process. 

  • The soap dispenser drips constantly, why and how to do?

    Make sure you are using the right soap. Very liquid soaps or soaps dissolved in water can cause possible malfunctions of the valve. Adjust the pump: Try to adjust the pump to dispense less soap at once. Clean the dispenser: If the soap dispenser has been in use for a while, it's possible that residue or buildup has accumulated around the pump mechanism. Otherwise, please, contact the technical service.

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