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How To Choose Grab Bar Hand rail?

Posted on Jan 05 , 2023 by HOTEC
How To Choose Grab Bar Hand rail?

Support rails, bathtub handrails, and shower grab bars (whatever you might call them!), enable a person to maintain balance and stability while moving or getting into or out of the bathtub. Designing your bathroom so that it allows you to remain independent for as long as possible will boost your quality of life dramatically. Making minor improvements to your home doesn’t have to be difficult or intimidating, with grab bars typically falling under a few categories.

Secure Bathtub and Shower Grab Bars

As mentioned before, whatever age or health issue you have, having something to hold onto in a slippery and wet shower or bathtub is a sensible decision. It can save you from any potential falls or slips that prevent injury. For your bathroom, there are several types of bathroom products to consider:

Straight Grab Bar

A Straight grab bar can be installed vertically or horizontally at the tub threshold to help entry and exit of the shower or tub. They come in various lengths to suit your requirement, whether you’re older or younger, taller or shorter. You are 5 times more likely to fall while exiting the tub than getting in, so having a secure handrail is critical.

L-Shaped and angled Grab Bars

L-Shaped and 130-degree angled grab bars are often placed on the back wall of the tub. This provides greater access to shower safety while in the tub. Having these types of shower grab bars allow for gripping at multiple heights and often allows for greater safe movement in the tub.

Temporary Grab Bars

If you are in a rental unit or can't install through tiles in your shower, there are temporary or ‘no damage’ install grab bars that you can use too. Floor-to-ceiling support poles like the SuperPole with SuperBar allow you to place support besides the tub to help you in and out. Other options like tub clamp-on rails install in under a minute to provide a secure gripping surface.

Shower seats

Shower chairs are just as important in the bathroom. We can choose different styles of shower chairs according to the size of the space and the placement of items or our own preferences. If space is limited, buying a folding shower chair is the best option. If there is no space size limitation problem, then just choose any one according to your own preferences.