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How to Choose the Automatic Hand Dryer for a Hotel?

Posted on Mar 01 , 2023 by
How to Choose the Automatic Hand Dryer for a Hotel?

The feeling of warmth and comfort in a home requires cooperation in many aspects, including hardware and software services. A suitable hotel hand dryer can significantly improve the level of the hotel and provide convenience and comfort to residents, creating a home-like feeling. So how to choose a suitable hotel hand dryer?

What is the principle of the hotel hand dryer?

An auto hand dryer has sensors at the bottom of the machine which can sense the signal of the hand quickly. When the signal is triggered, the circuit in the machine starts, and warm air blows on the hands for a specific time. When the hands leave the sensor, the circuit of the machine will automatically turn off, and the airflow stops. The use of automatic hand dryers is also energy-saving and power-saving.

What are the functions of an automatic hand dryer?

The functions of hand dryers are mainly divided into two categories. The first type is automatic hand dryers based on heating. The power of such hand dryers will be higher when designed. Usually, the power can reach more than 1000W. However, the power of the motor controlled by the equipment is very small, generally only within 200W. The temperature of the hand dryer with the heating function is very high, mainly through the high-temperature wind to quickly evaporate the water. In actual operation, it takes more than 30 seconds to completely dry the air. The feature is that the noise is relatively small when it is started. Friends who have quiet requirements will buy them. The price is not too expensive and you can buy good quality products within 1,000 yuan.

The second category is high traffic hand dryers. The feature of this type of automatic hand dryer is that the wind speed is very high when it is started, and the maximum temperature can be above 100 meters per second. The drying speed will be faster and can be kept at About 10 seconds, the power is also very low, no more than 300W. This kind of hand dryer can better maintain the comfort of the hands, and will not make the skin of the hands feel uncomfortable. The disadvantage is that when the wind speed is high, it will bring a certain amount of noise. The effect of choosing this type of hand dryer for high requirements is still very good, and the use time is shorter and more energy-saving.

The principle and function of hotel hand dryers have been introduced to friends above, I believe friends can understand. When purchasing, friends can choose suitable products according to their actual needs. Hand dryers can not only play a practical role but also play a role in decorating home life. A good hand dryer is also a must in the bathroom. A beautifully designed piece of art.

Choose the right hotel hand dryer

In addition to the appearance and size, it is also necessary to pay attention to whether there are scratches on the surface of the hotel hand dryers, whether there are thorns on the interface, etc. In addition to bringing users a pleasant experience, a good hand dryer can also match the size of the bathroom, and the overall appearance is good.

Attention should also be paid to the technical parameters. As an electrical product, hotel hand dryers have many technical parameters, such as current, voltage, power, wind temperature, etc. Generally, hotels will choose mid-to-high power and faster drying time. While saving energy, it can also reduce the waiting time of residents. Hotel hand dryers are one of the indispensable supplies in hotel guest room bathrooms. Hand dryers suitable for hotels need to have the characteristics of beautiful appearance, high wind speed, fast drying, and stable performance.

Hotel hand dryers need to be kept clean

First, keep the automatic hand dryer itself clean. Just like the TV and other items in the home, it needs to be cleaned regularly. Because no matter what kind of object is exposed to the air for a long time, it will be contaminated with dust, which will cause pollution of the machine itself. If it is not cleaned in time, the use effect of the air jet or drying port will be affected. Regular cleaning needs to be wiped with a damp cloth, and then wiped with a dry cloth.

Secondly, it is necessary to pay attention to the normal use process. When washing hands, there should not be too much water droplets, so that the water stays on the automatic hand dryer, which is easy to make the hand dryer full of dust and shorten the service life. In a humid place like the bathroom, if it is not carefully maintained, it will easily lead to machine failure. Therefore, after washing your hands, try to put your hands in a low profile on the sink, and then stay for about ten seconds, and then dry the machine.

Finally, many hotel hand dryers generally have a base or a base under which people habitually place things. What needs to be reminded here is that if there is no special need, the bottom bracket should not place paper towels or other items at will. Not only is it not beautiful, but it will be a burden on the machine itself, especially something with a little weight. So it needs to be placed carefully.