Hangzhou Hotec Cleaning Technology Co., Ltd.
Hangzhou Hotec Cleaning Technology Co., Ltd.

HOTEC sanitizer stands for sale are made from a rust proof, corrosion proof and durable stainless steel.

This hand sanitising stand promotes safety and hygiene. Keep your hands clean and sanitized at all times. Infrared sensor, just put your hand under the hand sanitising stand and a good amount of hand sanitizing solution will be on your palms.

Advantages of Hotec Hand Sanitizing Stations

  • 01

    It has stainless steel body with satin finish. and it is fully welded structure. The body is thick enough to use for a long time. and its content viewer on the front.

  • 02
    Applicable Places

    Removable heavy duty stand, is convenient and easy to move, suitable for high traffic areas, such as lobbies, restaurants, schools, universities, medical offices, hospitals, airport, supermarket is essential for business re-open.

  • 03

    Comes in large volume, no need to refill or add frequantly.

  • 04
    Multiple Pumps

    Incorporates various pump, coming out spray, foam and liquid.

  • 05

    Fits various content, such as disinfectant solutions, liquid soap, hydroalcoholic gel or neutral PH hand soap.

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