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Smart Automatic Hand Dryer

Ref: 11.272

HOTEC touchless hand dryer, one-piece cover, durability and antirusting incorporating a safety thermal cut-off. Made of 304 stainless steel with bright finish. Easy installation and maintenance. High speed brush motor, drying fast.

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Specification of Smart Automatic Hand Dryer


304 stainless steel, bright finish

Cover thickness

1.0 mm thick


AC220V, 50/60Hz
Total power2100W
Motor power150W
Air velocity20m/s
Air temperature50-80℃
Noice level<75dB

Protection level


Features of White High Speed Hand Dryer

  • Materia 304 stainless steel bright

  • One-piece cover.

  • High speed brush motor.

  • Strong, vandal proof and build without edges.

  • Universal brush motor incorporating a safety  thermal cut-off.

  • Element incorporates a safety thermal cut-off.

  • PP Aluminium centrifugal double inlet fan wheel.

  • Easy maintenance.

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