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Trash Can Material Selection

Posted on Dec 06 , 2019 by HOTEC
Trash Can Material Selection

Garbage cans are the basic sanitation facilities we often use in our daily life. They play a very important role both outdoors and indoors. At present, there are many kinds of garbage cans in the market, and their prices are different. For customers who buy garbage cans, the quality of garbage cans must be their most concerned problem, and the key factor to determine their quality is the material. What material is used in garbage cans will directly affect its service life, so what material is more durable?

Plastic trash can

Plastic garbage cans can be said to be the most common material in garbage cans commonly used in our homes. They are cheap and have various styles, but they look cheap and do not match with some luxury decoration or artistic decoration. It is very easy to clean and suitable for all kinds of scenes at home, but it is easy to age if it is used on the balcony.

Stainless steel trash can

The stainless steel trash can has a modern appearance, high price and long service life. This kind of garbage can is heavy and suitable for raising pets at home. Many pets have the habit of turning garbage cans, which is not easy to overturn.

Wooden garbage can

Wooden garbage cans are generally made of wood with other materials inside. This kind of garbage can has a beautiful appearance and matches the popular Japanese and Nordic style homes. The price is reasonable. However, it should be noted that molds may occur in humid weather in the south.

Pulp bin

Such garbage cans were used in the 2008 Olympic Games venues in China. This kind of renewable paper is very strong and environmentally friendly.