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What Are the Main Parameters of Public Hand Dryers?

Posted on Mar 10 , 2023 by
What Are the Main Parameters of Public Hand Dryers?

Understanding of public hand dryers

Modern public hand dryers are advanced and ideal hygiene cleaning appliances and equipment. After washing your hands, you can place them under the automatic hand dryer, which will automatically blow comfortable warm air, quickly removing moisture and making your hands dry. When you remove your hands from the air outlet of the automatic hand dryer, it will automatically stop blowing and shut down, which does not require a towel to dry your hands and can prevent cross-infection. The working principle of public hand dryers is generally to detect signals (hands) by sensors, which then control the heating circuit relay and the blower circuit relay, initiating heating and blowing. When the detected signal disappears, the contact is released, and the heating circuit and blower circuit relays are disconnected, stopping heating and blowing.

Main parameters of public hand dryers

  • The material of the outer casing not only determines the appearance of public hand dryers but also might become a fire hazard if using unqualified materials. Ideally, public hand dryers would use ABS flame-retardant plastics, metal coatings, and engineering plastics.

  • The weight of public hand dryers should consider whether the installation position and materials have enough capacity to withstand the weight of the dryer. For example, concrete walls generally do not have to consider weight, as long as the installation method is appropriate, it is not a problem. But for materials such as color steel plates, weight-bearing capacity needs to be considered, and some manufacturers offer brackets to solve the problem.

  • The color of public hand dryers depends on personal preferences and the matching of the overall environment, as well as when using them in food and pharmaceutical factories. Then it is recommended to select natural-colored dryers because painted dryers might have volatile substances, which could affect the safety of food or drugs.

  • The start-up method is usually divided into two types: manual and infrared sensing. New optical-electric-type start-up has a quick start-up speed, which is not easily affected by the environment, such as strong light that may cause infrared hand dryers to rotate continuously or start by themselves. The photoelectric-type dryer uses shadow to start, preventing such problems and minimizing the possibility of cross-infection.

  • The sensing position can be selected based on your needs.

  • Public hand dryers come in wall-mounted or bracket-mounted types. Choose according to your needs. For those that need to be moved frequently, bracket-mounted types are recommended.

  • Generally, the smaller the working noise of public hand dryers, the better.

  • The shorter the drying time for public hand dryers is, the better.

  • The smaller the standby current for public hand dryers is, the better.

  • The wind temperature should be selected based on your needs and the type of public hand dryer. Generally, choose one that operates for an extended time without causing discomfort.