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Working Principle Of Hand Dryer

Posted on Feb 22 , 2019 by HOTEC
Working Principle Of Hand Dryer

We always find a hand dryer in the public restroom, and we can imagine the role of the hand dryer. So, have you ever gone to learn about hand dryers? What is a hand dryer? How does the hand dryer work?

What is a hand dryer?

Hand dryer is a kind of sanitary appliance for drying or blowing hands in bathroom, which is divided into inductive automatic hand dryer and manual hand dryer. It is mainly used in hotels, restaurants, scientific research institutions, hospitals, public entertainment places and the toilets of every family.

The wholesale hand dryers overcome the shortcomings of existing hand dryers that can't take out air in multiple directions and can easily make the hand skin temperature too high. It aims to provide a hand dryer that circulates air in multiple directions. It adopts a technical scheme that an air guide device is arranged at the air outlet of the hand dryer, and the air guide device is provided with an air guide leaf. Through the rotation of the air guide device or the swing of the air guide leaf, the hand dryer circulates non directionally.

Hand dryer working principle

No heating device, as the name implies, no heating device

It is applicable to places with strict temperature requirements and places with frequent use of dryers, such as the packaging workshop for quick-frozen vegetables and dumplings

PTC thermistor heating, because with the change of ambient temperature, the power of PTC heating also changes. In winter, the power of PTC heating increases, and the temperature rise of the warm air blown by the dryer also increases, which is energy-saving and environmentally friendly. PTC is characterized by good temperature constancy, but it also has a certain disadvantage, that is, it does not raise the temperature of the heating wire quickly.

Traditional electric heating wire heating, the wind temperature rises quickly, but the wind temperature is poor, and it is easy to burn the opponent due to high wind temperature. The high-traffic hand dryers adopt the method of heating wire plus CPU and temperature sensor control to achieve the effect of fast and constant wind temperature rise. Even when the wind speed is as high as 100 m / s, the dryer can blow out constant warm wind.

Generally, the noise of the dryer with wind as the main factor and heating as the auxiliary factor is relatively large, while the noise of the hot air dryer with heating as the main factor is small. Enterprises can choose according to their own actual situation.

Dry hands are mainly heated and high-speed air dried. For hand dryers that are mainly heated, the heating power is usually larger, above 1000W, while the motor power is very small, less than 200W. The typical characteristic of this hand dryer is that the wind temperature is very high. Relying on the wind with higher temperature, the water on the handle is taken away. This way of hand drying is relatively slow, generally more than 30 seconds. Its advantage is low noise, so it is favored by office buildings and other quiet spaces.

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