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Is The Hot Water Faucet Safe?

Posted on Aug 10 , 2019 by HOTEC
Is The Hot Water Faucet Safe?

The daily water consumption of every family is very large, and the tap water in our life finally flows out through the faucet. Therefore, the faucet is also a very important accessory in our life. We all know that the general faucet is connected with cold water, that is, the water discharged through the faucet is cold water. However, when we wash dishes or gargle in life, we need hot water, so the appearance of electric faucets is very important and timely, and has played a very important role for us. How much do you know about electric faucets? How about the electric faucet? Let's take a look.

Is the hot water faucet safe

In terms of safety, many manufacturers also consider this problem when designing. After all, safe use of electricity is a basic common sense. In fact, the principle of this electric faucet is that there is a heating device inside the faucet to convert electric energy into heat energy. This is carried out internally, with sufficient isolation, no leakage, and it is very convenient to use.

Many consumers are looking forward to this kind of product, so it is said that during the production of many maternity leave products, the safety of electric faucets is a key point to consider, and the products are strictly inspected before they enter the market to ensure safety, so consumers can buy with confidence, and the products are generally safe.

One of the key issues of safety is the problem of electricity, so as long as the problem of electricity is solved, the safety will be greatly improved. In the process of actual use, attention should be paid to the safety of electric faucets. For example, the plug should be as far away from the water source as possible, and the faucet should not be immersed in the water for a long time, and it should be cleaned in time. Only in this way can it be used more safely.

How about an electric faucet

The electric faucet includes the faucet body and the water flow control switch. The faucet body is provided with a heating chamber and an electrical control chamber. The electrical control chamber and the heating chamber are separated by a sealing plate. The electrical control chamber is provided with a heating circuit. The heating chamber is provided with a heating tube. The power of the heating tube is generally 2-3kw. Hot water can be heated in 5-10 seconds. The heating tube is connected to the heating circuit.

The heating tube is an insulated heating tube; The insulated heating pipe is a water and electricity isolated insulated heating pipe; Most faucet bodies are high temperature resistant engineering plastics, and a few are all metal.

An insulated water pressure switch is arranged in the electrical control chamber; The heating circuit is provided with an electrical switch, which is connected with the end of the insulated water pressure switch to supply water and power, and cut off water and power; The heating circuit is provided with a temperature controller and an anti dry burning device; The heating circuit is also provided with a leakage protection switch.