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Hotec Participated In Interclean Amsterdam 2024

Posted on May 20 , 2024 by HOTEC
Hotec Participated In Interclean Amsterdam 2024

From May 14 to 17, Interclean Amsterdam 2024 was held at the RAI International Exhibition Center, the largest exhibition center in the Netherlands. Interclean began in 1967 and is the world's oldest cleaning and maintenance exhibition. It attracts many well-known international and domestic companies to participate in the exhibition, jointly displaying the highest level of cleaning equipment, tools, supplies, materials and technologies in the world's cleaning field. HOTEC has participated in this professional exhibition for five consecutive times since 2012, and this time, Hotec presents a different kind of brilliance to our global clients and visitors with our innovations for commercial washrooms.


Dynamic Booth Design

At this exhibition, the area of Hotec booth reached 44 square meters. Inspired from the flying birds in nature, our team designed double wings for our booth, making the entire booth full of dynamics. It was worth mentioning that OXYPARK – the sub brand of Hotec for toilet consumables series products, made its debut at the show. Hotec team creatively introduced the photo frame display plan for urinal screens, which is the first time in the industry. The neat and orderly photo wall and the colorful fragrance urinal screens complemented each other. The dynamic booth design, the colorful and diverse display attracted a large number of visitors, taking photos, trying new products and praising the booth design of HOTEC.  


Innovative & Unique Product Design


With the mission of "Committed to supplying hygienic, comfortable and elegant washroom solutions for all world" in mind, Hotec has always been consistent in product research and development. In this exhibition, in addition to exhibiting our advantageous products such as hand dryers, soap dispensers, and toilet accessories, we also displayed the newly developed all-stainless steel jet blade hand dryer and 2 in 1 tap hand dryer for the first time. These two new launched products enrich customers' choice in restroom hand cleaning products and their ability to meet high-end scene needs. Moreover, our matte black collections such as recessed paper dispensers and wall-mounted waste bins respond to our corporate mission of providing elegant public spaces and meet the public's aesthetics. HOTEC has always been working hard in this direction. With the display of a variety of wall-mounted soap bottle brackets, Hotec used PVD technology to make gold, rose gold, gun metal and other colors for selection, especially designed for high-end and elegant bathrooms, which are much favored and praised by our global clients and visitors.

PVD特写(放不放都可以).jpg PVD特写3.jpg

Successful International Communication and Cooperation Platform


Hotec booth attracted the attention of thousands of groups of customers, of which more than 500 customers communicated, exchanged ideas and thoughts with us, including industry giants and well-known companies. Our team had in-depth face-to-face communications with all customers, introducing and sharing the company's mission, vision, values, product characteristics and usage scenarios, customers' needs, cooperation model, etc., laying a solid foundation for providing better products and services to customers and strengthening long-term cooperation in the future.

交流1.jpg 交流2_-_副本.jpg

We are confident that our participation at Interclean Amsterdam will prove to be very successful. The fair opened us new business opportunities and strengthened our position in the international market.

We are looking forward to the next Interclean Amsterdam 2026 and the opportunity to present our products and services once again to the global customers.